About Me

My name is Morgan Michelle, I am a 23 year-old woman living in the United States, and I am always seeking to empower others and advocate for trauma survivors.

This blog is my attempt to connect to the world and make my voice heard as I work to completemy bachelor degrees in Psychology and Social Work. I am by no means an expert in mental health or ethics, but my own personal struggles with chronic illnesses have taught me a great deal about the health care system and many of its facets; I am no stranger to being my own advocate in times of trauma and distress. I have learned a great deal from surviving my darkest times.

I am here to present myself as transparently as possible and share what has helped me to overcome my hardships in the hopes that others may learn from my journey thus far, or simply find solace in my stories- and most importantly of all, I am here to let you know that you are never alone.
It’s all about the journey to tomorrow. We take each day one step at a time. It is okay to be here.

I live with my amazing husband, our goofy dog, and our ever-growing collection of books and strange instruments. If you wish to contact me, visit my “Contact Me” page for further information and my social media.

Peace and Prosperity to You All,
Morgan Michelle